Notes on bread recipes


When baking/cooking with protein powder it is advisable to use silicone forms. The dough becomes VERY sticky and very difficult to get off forms of other material when cooled.

This also applies to the use of baking paper or other paper lining - it sticks.

Silicone forms release the baked goods easily and intact


I encourage you to experiment with different flavours by adding for example

herbs & spices (rosemary, oregano, fennel seeds, cumin seeds etc)  

nuts and seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc) 

olives (drained and cut into pieces) caramelised onions (drained of fat and juices) ​ sundried tomatoes (drained if in oil) – adding ingredients higher in moisture may/will increase the baking time; in this case use a lower temperature)

... and so on. Be creative. Go wild and enjoy!


Baking temperature and times are guidelines - only you know how your oven operates

Nutrition data, if displayed, are based on the ingredients I have used and are roughly rounded.

They are an estimate but can be a valid guideline and should be seen as such only.


*The protein breads on this website do not keep very long. They become mouldy within 3-4 days or so. Once the bread loaf has cooled I slice the bread and freeze the slices. If I keep some for eating the next 2 days, I will store them in the fridge. The frozen slices thaw nicely when left out of the freezer, or also thaw quickly in a toaster - pop frozen slice in, toast, done.*

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