It`s a jungle out there *


There exists an abundance of information on nutrition, exercise and health matters, an overload of information, of any potential origin, questionable or reliable, from a wide spectrum of sources, readily available, easily accessible 24/7, experienced at times as `the burden of so much knowledge` which triggers a feeling of drowning in this information pool.


Simplicity is required.


There is no such thing as a bad food, a magic supplement, a free lunch. There are no shortcuts. 

If nothing changes nothing changes. If you need to change a lot you need to change a lot. 

A spade is a spade is a spade.


I offer personal nutrition coaching exclusively tailored to individual circumstances.


I am coaching my clients to implement the applicable current nutrition science into their daily life in form of weekly sessions via phone/skype or similar. I am further present in the background for support in between sessions or in emergency situations via text/email/phone. 


I am coaching in English or Geman.


The content and form of my coaching differs from person to person and is an ongoing process over months, shaped by starting point, progression and desired outcome. Goals range from improving metabolic health, reducing risk factors for certain diseases, age related issues to aesthetic wishes and sport performance goals and many more. Goals are personal. What are yours?


Together, we will over time establish a diet and life style, that is effective, sustainable and, most important, enjoyable for you.


You will be living with these choices for the rest of your life.


I do not provide diet plans or lists of what to eat and what not to eat. I provide guidance to empower informed decision making on food, health and performance, supporting and mentoring my clients through the required changes. I am helping you to put scientific evidence into practice, closing the gap between knowing and doing, translating `what-to-do` into `how-to-do-it` and catching you, when you are struggling, falling and also out.


In short - I do science, you eat.


For my efforts I am paid upfront - several methods are available. This up-front investment provides me with leverage and you with heightened incentive. Private nutrition coaching as I offer is a cost and time effective approach to making relevant, science based diet and life style changes, designed just for you.



If this is of interest to you, please contact me to arrange a first informal chat. Nutrition coaching is a process of some months and requires us to work together in a partnership, therefore we need to find out if we suit each other. A first chat is a good opportunity to get acquainted and to answer any questions you might have.


In this Q&A I am providing a more detailed explanation to my coaching and approach to food.

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