Take your Protein ... Lift-Off!

17 July 2017 (updated 29 November 2018)

by Iris Gromus


I admit this article got very long and very scientific. At the end there is a recap of the article`s main points and what to do in practice.

I hope it contains a little bit for everyone - something general, something a bit more scientific. It does contain an explanation of my reasoning for the advice I give, based on current research. I appreciate that some of the referenced articles are behind a pay wall. I have access as a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. However, there are many to read for free for anyone who wants to read around the subject in more depth.This article and recommendations for protein intake are written for protein in healthy adults only.


Time takes a piece of chocolate, puts it in your mouth

10 March 2017 

by Iris Gromus


A blog post of questions. An exercise about perception and senses. Are you open to questions? Open to digging a bit deeper, ready to explore, go on a journey? You need a clean (fit to eat from) surface, clean hands and nose.


Do you sometimes think about your food? Do you reminisce about a special meal? Do you remember what it tasted like? Can you recall how it made you feel? Smelling a specific food would you recognise it with eyes completely closed by its scent alone?


The Ketogenic Diet

17 January 2017 

by Iris Gromus


The ketogenic diet is a diet that makes the body produce ketones (keto = ketones, genic = producing). The body starts producing ketones when there is not sufficient glucose in the body available.

Glucose is a very small form of carbohydrate. It is our main and preferred source of energy. It is stored in a form called glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles. The brain needs glucose, but can use ketones as energy source. ....


Should we take it with a pinch of salt?

08 January 2017 

by Iris Gromus


 Iodine plays an essential part in the making of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones regulate various physiological processes including metabolism and growth. They are essential for a child`s neurodevelopment during pregnancy when the brain is developing most rapidly and in early life - most important from the 1st trimester to 4 years of age. Iodine deficiency results in hypothyroidism. The consequences of which include goitre, fatigue, reduced productivity, and fertility and mental impairment. ...



If You Don`t Know Where You`re Going ...

27 December 2016 

by Iris Gromus


... you`ll end up someplace else (1). 


I applaud all the people with New Year`s resolutions.


(a) You have realised that there is something you want.

(b) You have realised that there is something you do not want.

(c) You have realised that in order to arrive at (a) you have to change (b).


Your New Year`s resolution describes how you will get to (a). .....



Let The Sunshine In - Vitamin D 

19 December 2016 

by Iris Gromus


Vitamin D plays a vital role in skeletal health. Its main function in the body is to support bone health by maintaining calcium concentration in the blood. Vitamin D receptors are found in all tissues of the body. Vitamin D has further been associated with a variety of conditions including immune function, some cancers, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lung disease, mental health, muscle function and recovery from injury ......

The Composition Of A Healthy Diet

10 December 2016 

by Iris Gromus


What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a diet that does not take away health. A healthy diet is one that provides all elements required to sustain a person`s body (and mind) according to the individual`s needs. It does not make you ill, by too much or too little and supports an optimal state of health. There is no diet that can make you healthier than normal healthy .....

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