I am Iris Gromus.


I am a nutritionist, registered on the UK voluntary register for nutritionists, governed by the Association for Nutrition.


Currently I am based in the UK and aim to also operate out of Germany in the next few years.


I turned my love of food and nutrition into an academic interest, researching nutrition in the critically ill as a main topic for my BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice Critical Care. I initially qualified as a nurse and have been working in a wide variety of intensive care units, in the UK and in Germany, collaborating with a rich diversity of people - patients and colleagues - in the past >25 years.


I continued my academic education, this time exclusively in the field of the nutritional sciences, and was awarded a MSc Human Nutrition, to become a bona fide, scientifically educated nutritionist.


I do believe in science ... I do, I do!!


Having grown up in Southern Germany (Bavaria) I have been skiing all my life. A keen horse woman I trained in my chosen discipline Dressage, until the retirement of my horse from active riding over 10 years ago. He happily outlived his life with me until he was 30 years old. 


Retired from active riding I became involved with lifting weights as my sport. I trained and competed in powerlifting. The science behind my training and the nutritional strategies I used as an athlete led to more studies and I qualified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in the USA.


In my MSc studies I put a special focus on research in sports nutrition, to enhance performance in a variety of sports. The main emphasis comprised strength based sports and strength training, and translating some of this research into applications to benefit the general public, to support eg the ageing process. For my final research project I investigated the effects of n3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on muscle mass and function.


My coaching is based on the following principles in that order:


1) Do no harm

2) Improve nutrition

3) Promote and improve health

4) Improve performance


I enjoy cooking. Very much. 


I am always eager to enhance my horizon in any direction.

Food I consider a vehicle that allows a very human insight into different cultures and nations. The diversity of recipes, tastes, smells, ingredients in dishes from all over the world, prepared and consumed in different manners and circumstances, remains a wonderfully fascinating subject I indulge in exploring.

MSc Human Nutrition - University of Surrey, UK

ANutr - Associate Nutritionist, UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists, Association for Nutrition

BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice Critical Care - University of Surrey, UK

CSCS - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA

PN Level 1 - Precision Nutrition Certificate in Exercise Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, Canada

RGN Registered Nurse

Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

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